Green Waterways provides yacht owners with turn key electric propulsion solutions that include design, installation and life cycle support. The company provides complete propulsion packages, that include smart batteries, charging solution, wiring, motor and controls. Unlike its competitors, Green Waterways combines the expertise of our staff to the benefit of our customers by providing a one stop shop.

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Electric propulsion

Maintenance and support 

 We understand how important it is to enjoy every second spent on your yacht. This is why our services go beyond installation and classic technical support. Through continuous monitoring and support we ensure your propulsion system is ready when you are.


The latest developments in motor and battery technology have made possible trading off the stench of diesel or gasoline, along with the deafening noise of the auxiliary engine, for the clean, quiet and modern look and feel of an electric propulsion system. Every yacht is unique and every captain knows it, that is why our solutions are customized to match your style and operating profile. To overcome range anxiety, a hybrid system design may be required.

Green Waterways 


YACht auxiliary propulsion retrofit